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List of Classes


The Introductory Course offers an opportunity to learn a simple preparation of tea in ten lessons. The structure of the class emphasizes the role of both host and guest. Space is limited to provide individualized attention.

The Introductory Course is suitable both for those beginning the study of chanoyu and for those who need a review. Students should feel free to take this course as a one-time experience. However, due to the intensive pace of study, those who want to continue their studies should expect to take the full three terms of the Introductory and Beginning Course to absorb all material needed to proceed to the continuing classes.

As in most traditional art forms, licenses are required to initiate and mark a student’s progression in study. Students who continue for a second term in the Introductory Course must obtain the introductory licenses. These licenses will cover the course of study over the next several years.

Both daytime and evening sessions are offered. There may be a waiting list for the course.

If you would like to visit the Foundation or would like more information, please call 415.433.6553.


The continuing level of classes is suitable for students who have taken Introductory and Beginning terms of the ten-session course, and for students with prior experience. This level of study marks a long-term course of study and implies a sense of commitment to study. Therefore the continuing class schedule and tuition are structured differently from the Introductory and Beginning levels.

A monthly tuition covers three classes per month. At present, continuing classes are held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with morning, afternoon, and evening classes available. The student is scheduled for a regular time frame in which to attend classes. It is advisable to allow two hours for the study period. If time permits, the student may stay longer to learn by observation.

The monthly tuition [a tradition known as gessha] is payable regardless of a student’s attendance, to encourage the student to make the most of their learning opportunities. In addition, from the Continuing Level, a student is expected to join the non-profit membership [see membership information]. After several years, when a student advances beyond the intermediate level, they must obtain the advanced level of licenses to continue their studies.

If you would like to visit a class, or for more information, please call 415.433.6553.




Kagetsu is a form of chanoyu study in which five persons work together, drawing bamboo tiles by chance, to prepare and drink four bowls of tea. This level of study is suitable for intermediate through advanced levels of student, since it polishes and hones that knowledge of movement and focus in the tearoom. Persons studying under another teacher also are welcome to join this class with the agreement of their primary teacher.

Yawaragi-kai Kagetsu is a yearly study group, and again the tuition basis is gessha, a monthly tuition payable regardless of the student’s attendance in the months a class is offered. Classes meet at 11:00 am and 1:30 pm the third Sunday of the month, and at 1:30 pm the fourth Sunday of the month.

The group meets approximately eight times a year. Space is limited to ensure active participation by all members. Please call 415.433.6553 for more information.



This study group meets to follow the most advanced studies of chanoyu. It is suitable only for advanced students with the appropriate licenses.

This too is a yearly study group, with the tuition on a gessha basis, payable each month classes are offered regardless of a student’s attendance. Open to persons studying under another teacher with his or her agreement. Groups meet at 2:00 pm the fourth Friday of the month, 10 am the fourth Saturday of the month and 1:30 pm the fourth Saturday of the month.

Membership is limited to ensure active participation. The groups meet approximately eight times a year. Please call 415.433.6553 for more information.



Chayu no Kai, or the “Friends in Tea Association,” provides opportunities for camaraderie and the enjoyment of the culture of tea among younger practitioners of the Way of Tea. Chayu no Kai membership is open to all Urasenke Association members, Foundation members, and others interested in the Urasenke Tradition of Tea. The group's events include a monthly kagetsu class [10:00 am the fourth Sunday of the month], in addition to various workshops, tea gatherings, and full tea gatherings [chaji] throughout the year. While membership in the Chayu no Kai group is not limited to persons studying the Way of Tea, participation in the monthly kagetsu classes does require a knowledge of the basic procedures of making tea. Please call the Foundation at 415.433.6553 for more information.


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